The roofline is the most exposed and vulnerable feature of any property. It is extremely susceptible to weathering and hazards such as blocked gutters which can lead to a more rapid rot of timber fascias.

Replacing your old roofline or cladding with maintenance free UPVC will improve the look of your property and eliminate the need for future maintenance work and repairs. The top quality UPVC products we install will never warp crack, peel or flake and never need painting again.

We remove all existing fascias soffit and guttering and replace with new, we only use Swish upvc which we believe to be the best product available and all work comes with a 10 year written guarantee



Flat roofs / low pitched roofs on porches, garages and single story extensions are exposed to a whole host of different weather conditions meaning it is vital to use the best materials when renewing the existing roof.

Epdm rubber is a great alternative to traditional felt roofing, it’s made from extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane widely used in low-slope buildings (flat roofs) worldwide.

We fit classic bond with a proven track record and life expectancy of up to 50 years.



Is your coservatory too cold to use in the winter? or too hot during the summer? Then a solid insulated lightweight tiled roof could is the answer!

We can fit them at a better price than many of the other companies offering the same service.

The benifits of a solid insulated lightweight tiled roof are;

1. More pleasing to the eye.
2. Factory made to fit exactly onto existing conservary.
3. Gives you a room that can be used all year round.
4. Provides much better security than a plastic/polcarbonate roof.
5. Adds value to your home.
6. Saves on heating / air conditioning bills.

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